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Dear Clients,


We are happy to announce that we are getting closer to reopening in the early months of 2021. Plans are underway for increased space with improved services. There will be more to announce in the coming months. We are excited and looking forward to this new beginning. 

*Home boarding service and limited grooming still available*


Thank you for your understanding and continued support.



Stanley Bark is a small dog daycare conveniently located in downtown Vancouver's West End at the foot of Stanley Park.

Our dog daycare provides much needed playtime, exercise and socialization for your pet. Even those who aren't bursting with energy can become bored and lonely. Without enough exercise and stimulation, dogs can become frustrated and engage in inappropriate behaviours.

Whether your pooch is full of puppy joy, going through their terrible two's, enjoying canine wisdom or in need of burning off some extra love chub, daycare is sure to provide plenty of noticeable benefits. Regular play builds confidence and improves communication with other four-legged friends.

Stanley Bark Dog Daycare is nothing less than a home away from home. Group walks are included with your daycare package. Walks are done in groups of 2 - 3 at a time in compatible groups. We believe in socializing as much as we do exercising. In addition, during their stay with us we make sure they get lots of human interaction and dog socialization. After all, it's the reason for their visit!

While your dog stays at here, why not treat them to our wide range of Dog Grooming Services?

Click here for more information about Dog Grooming Services.

Daycare Requirements:

All vaccinations up to date 

Titre tests encouraged and accepted


Puppies after their 3rd set of vaccines 


             Puppies with 1st set of vaccinations and accompanied by titre test


Males must be neutered by 8 months

Females cannot attend while in season

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