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No Sedation Teeth Cleaning

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No Sedation Dog Teeth Cleaning


$225 flat fee

plus GST 

No sedation teeth cleaning:

-Helps prevent gum disease

-Reduces gum inflammation

-Improves oral health and breath

-It does NOT replace regular vet care


How long does does it take?

Typically 60-90 minutes

What is the appropriate age?

It's never too early to practice good hygiene. Typically most dogs will start showing signs of periodontal disease and tartar build-up by the age of 3. 

How is the procedure done?

Your pet lies on their back on a soft surface with their head in our lap. With smaller dogs we may swaddle them with a towel to help them feel more secure. We hand scale with dental instruments to remove the tartar build up and then is polish and brushed. You will receive a report following the procedure to discuss our findings. 

Is my dog a suitable candidate?

Dogs of all sizes are suitable however we reserve the right to refuse or offer the procedure for overly anxious,  aggressive and those showing advanced periodontal disease.  Dogs with mild to moderate gingivitis exhibiting inflammation of the gums will be reduced following the procedure. 

We will refer you back to your veterinarian if your dog is showing advanced periodontal disease, deep pockets or requiring extraction.  If we find issues during the appointment, we will communicate to discuss further action.

*Disclaimer: The services offered are hygienic and preventative measures, it is not to be replaced with regular veterinary care. We do not diagnose or treat any ailment or disease and do not guarantee that our services will be suitable for all dogs. We encourage our clients to continue with their veterinarian oral check-ups to ensure proper diagnoses and treatments are provided.



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