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Hand Stripping

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Hand Stripping


*Monday to Saturday Appointments available*

We do not accept hard to manage & aggressive dogs

*ALL new clients will be screened and approved prior to booking*

Hand stripping rate:  $25 per 15 mins
  SM $65+ hand stripping time
MD $85+ hand stripping time
LG $100+ hand stripping time
XL $125+ hand stripping time
*includes 15 mins of hand stripping, bath, blowout, nails, face tidy, paw tidy, sani-trim, ear cleaning/ plucking, etc

Prices vary with the size, coat condition, and temperament of your dog.

*Additional de-matting will incur additional charges*

Size Guideline only :  
S - Affenpinscher, Wire Haired Dachshund, Schnauzer, Border Terrier, Carin Terrier, Fox Terrier
M - Irish Terrier. Lakeland Terrier, Scottish Terrier, Westies, Sealyham Terrier
L - Airedale Terrier, Standard Schnauzer, German Wired Hair Pointer
XL - Irish Wolfhound

What is hand stripping?

Most dogs are typically groomed using clippers or shears to shorten the dog’s coat. Hand stripping on the other hand, we manually remove the old dead coat. It is a process of holding a few hairs between the thumb and blade of the stripping tool to pull out the wiry hairs in a gentle yet firm motion. Once the dog's entire coat is stripped, what remains is the undercoat. This allows for new coat growth which in turn keeps the skin healthy and coat strong. Hand stripping improves skin condition as it clears the follicles of sweat and hair secretions to promote healthier skin. The thicker and wiry coat will help repel dirt, water and help maintain their core temperature whether it be in the winter or summer. 


Does it hurt?

As you can see in the above pics I train them to lie on their side to stay calm and relax through the hand stripping. Dead hair does not hold firmly so it can be removed with ease. Although some areas such as the chest and belly will be more sensitive so we may use a combination of hand stripping and/or shears.

How often should my dog be hand stripped?
We recommend every 4-6 weeks as this will maintain your dog's coat at top condition and allow the coat to continually renew and the layers to be uniform. We refer to this as "rolling the coat" which ensures the dog has multiple stages of hair growth as we only remove the longest dead hairs. If your dog is groomed frequently as recommended, hand stripping time would take only 15-30+ mins depending on size of dog. 

If groomed every 3 months or longer, your dog’s coat will be overgrown, blown and with no additional layers underneath. It will take longer to remove all the overgrown coat thus incur higher hand stripping costs. Your dog may look like a ‘plucked chicken’ with only an undercoat for a few good weeks because there isn't a good rotation of coat.

Please remember that frequent hand stripping encourages healthier rotational coat growth. Plus the added bonus is that you'll notice less shedding in the house.



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